Hartford Underground offers classes, workshops and practice sessions on a broad range of Jazz Age and Swing Era dances: swing dance, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, vernacular jazz dance, and more. Read our How It Works section and Swing level description pages to see where you should start!

Visit our YouTube Channel (Hartford Underground) to watch some recaps of moves and material taught at our past lessons to help you remember and practice!

  • No partner required
  • Registration is not complete without payment
  • Online payment accepted using Eventbrite
  • Cash/checks accepted at the door

How it Works

Our learning structure allows for a beginner with little or no experience to start off with a Swing 1A class and continuously progress to a higher level, eventually reaching our advanced level topics. We offer three different opportunities for our students to learn:

  1. Weekly Class Series: Every Thursday featuring Swing 1 & 2 level classes with topics rotating monthly.
  2. Weekend Workshops: Featuring Swing 2 & 3 level topics, usually a continuation of the previous month’s Thursday class topic.

We recommend that new students start from the beginning, even if you’ve learned six count (or “East Coast”) swing elsewhere. The reason for this is that our two Level 1 classes provide a core set of fundamental moves that our higher level classes expand upon. Once you complete the first two classes in Level 1, you will have all the basics down. Our Level 2 classes will start to add moves and style to the basics and they do not need to be taken in any specific order. Our Level 3 classes will explore higher level topics in dance quality, style, and tempo. These also do not need to be taken in any specific order.

Since classes are progressive, students are encouraged to commit to all classes offered in the series by paying for the entire series. No drop-ins are accepted after the second week of classes unless otherwise noted. This reduces the need to repeat material for new students dropping in. If students have conflicts with a desired class they are encouraged talk to the instructor(s) in advanced. Retaking classes are highly encouraged with a 50% series discount. To make sure students are getting the most out of their learning, we encourage retaking topics with different instructors and students.

Another essential part of your Lindy Hop education is social dancing! You can learn a lot in class, but if you don’t put it into practice it won’t have a chance to sink in. The best place to practice is at our weekly Wednesday dance.

We also offer private and small group lessons. Private lessons are an especially valuable way to learn, as they allow you to work directly with an instructor at a pace that is perfect for you.


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